Puppies can go home with their new homes at 8 weeks. The puppies will come with a health record 
from our vet showing all vaccinations given on the date of the examination, he or she will also have a guarantee from us along with a pedigree, and papers for AKC registration. 

What's Included

Our Guarantee

Dreamy Mountain

Adopting One of Our Puppies

Puppies are handled on a daily basis by all members of our family as well as any visitors to the puppies from the day they are born until they leave for their new homes. At 4 weeks they are started on semi solid food and the weaning process begins by 6 weeks the weaning process has been completed and the puppies are no longer dependent upon their mother. When you receive your puppy the puppy will be eating Purina One Large Breed Puppy. 
Their worming schedule begins at 2 wks of age and continues every 2 weeks until the puppies have gone to their new homes. At the age of 7 weeks, the puppies are given a thorough examination by our veterinarian and also receive their first set of vaccines.  Once the puppies have gone to their new homes the new owners will need to contact their local veterinarian to schedule the rest of the vaccinations.  
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Picking Your Puppy

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Waiting List

  I can guarantee that to the best of our knowledge that your puppy is in excellent health when it leaves our home with you.  If for any reason you find yourself unable to care for your puppy or dog.  I will gladly help you find a new home for it or I will take it back and find a new home for it (no money will be refunded).  I would never want a puppy or dog from our home to end up in a rescue or an animal shelter. I am available throughout the lifetime of your puppy to help in any way that I can.

We do have a waiting list. If you would like to be added to our list to be informed
when a new liter is born, please email us at lemin09@yahoo.com 
and we will then go through the steps of  adding you to our list.

If you want to guarantee yourself a spot for an upcoming liter we do accept

a $100 deposit to put you on a guaranteed list that will then be put towards your purchase price.

If you would like to adopt a puppy, we would recommend you come and personally see the puppies or at least speak with us on the phone to inquire about our puppies. Weekends are an excellent time for you and your family to come and get to know the puppies and parents as well as see where your puppy has grown up. We would like for our puppies to be
 adopted by people or families with ample room to support a large breed dog, puppies should 
not have to grow up in a crate or alone in a fenced enclosure.  Young puppies need to have time to bond with their new families. A $400 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your puppy. This deposit is your guarantee that the puppy you then choose at 4 weeks of age is the one you will be getting at 8 weeks of age. It also confirms that you will be purchasing the puppy, therefore making it non-refundable.The deposit will be put towards the purchase price of the puppy. For prices please contact us via email or phone at 814-658-0191 or lemin09@yahoo.com.
Both Full and Limited AKC registration is available. *if you are wondering what is the difference or you didn't know that there were 2 forms ofAKC registration. Full registration gives you breeding and show rights whereas Limited pretty much just gives you the AKC papers no breeding or show rights*

Once our puppies are born we alert everyone on our waiting list, those with 
deposits holding their spots get notified first. We then start to take the deposits on the puppies. 
Those that have already put the $100 down to hold their spots on the waiting list get the
 first option at putting the rest of their deposits on a puppy, then we will start with those who have not put a deposit to hold a position on our waiting list. At this point it is first come first serve after those who had put the money down for the waiting list. We have a list for females and a list for males so there will be a waiting list for each and a pick of the liter for each. At 4 weeks of age we allow people to start to personally visit and handle the puppies and make
 their choices. If you cannot personally visit to pick your puppy we can setup either a skype
 or I can send pictures via email so you can pick your puppy that way. We encourage families if possible to make trips throughout the time from when they pick their puppy to when 
the puppies can go to their new homes so they can become familiar with their new 
puppy and start the personal bond. At 8 weeks of age you can then pick your puppy 
up to take to their new homes to begin their new journey.