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Diesel is one of males. He was born on March 7th 2016. Diesel is from our line of lineage as his mom and dad were both our personal pets. He is a big baby and is truly a spoiled Giant. Diesel has OFA certifications in his background but is currently not tested himself.



Poppy is our female Bernese. She was born on 9/6/16 and is our youngest Bernese, she loves to play tug as well  as play with other dogs. She gets along great with everyone, and is wonderful with children. She loves sitting on your lap and to cuddle.


Teddy is our male Bernese he was born on 10/19/2013. He is a true lover and adores attention. He is a pup at heart and loves to play with kids and other dogs.Teddy has OFA Certifications in his background but is currently not tested himself.

Roxy was born on Oct. 27th 2011 and is our youngest female Bernese and our daughter's 2nd Christmas Present so of course she is "Her doggie."
Roxy is a very friendly and lovable dog. She is verygood with children and other dogs and loves to play and likes her fair share of cuddles as well. 

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